Where to find a doc reference for all possible properties of the translation object (EN, ES, etc) in the ./src/admin/app.tsx

System Information
  • 4.13.6:
  • Arch Linux:
  • Postgresql:
  • 18.17 LTS:
  • 1.22.19:

I was reading the “extending-translations” part from the admin panel customization section, and there is indeed an example on how to extend the translations for each language. But it is not clear (to me) the extent in which I can further translate the admin panel on its components, since there is no reference to the actual properties the language object can hold. Just for clarification’s sake, I’m referring to the “config.translations” reference for the language key object.

In my specific use case, I want to custom-translate the “Log in to your Strapi account” and " Welcome to Strapi!" part from the login (Including the “Strapi” part of the text) (http://localhost:1337/admin/auth/login), etc.