Which is the best rich text editor for creating a news?

Hi Guys,

We are using strapi to create a news website.
Could you recommend me a good rich text website?

Our main needs are the following:

  • image positioning(left, right, center) in the text field. We tested the CK editor and Markdown Editor but this functionality did not work fully (only right positioning works).
  • Divider
  • to display a social media post within the text
  • to embed a YouTube video

Thank you in advance!

I tested two plugins for it: EditorJS and Tiptap, but they are not official plugins and they are not maintained anymore. They also have two missing features, altogether with the default editor: video and file attachment.

From the Discord channel, we know for the 4.15 version, Strapi will include a better editor based on Lexical; I’m personally waiting for it.