Which stack would be best to create an investing app with Strapi?

Hello Strapi Community,

I am very new to Strapi and very excited about trying to build something on it.

I am working on a personal project to create a real estate investing app. Trying to figure out the best way to create this with Strapi.

The app will have the following

  • Landing page
  • Real estate portfolio with rental income and returns per property.
  • Customer dashboard with investments and their returns
  • Ability to sell their invested shares to another member

In the future ability to also create a mobile app to show these info using api.

Currently I am thinking of using Nuxt JS for frontend but would like input of members that have used Strapi.

Thank you

Well, if you know already that in the future you want to create a mobile app next to the web app, have a look at Ionic. Using Angular (my personal preference), Vue, React or Vanilla JS you can create native feeling apps with the language and framework you’re used to. If you use clean architecture or domain driven approach, you could have a web app and the mobile app next to each other which share all the business logic and only differentiate in the ui layer. I’d imagine they would work well with a Strapi powered backend.

Regarding Nuxt or Next, I’d say it depends on how much you want to render server-side. If it is more of an app with personal login and personalized data, a pure frontend based web app might be the better choice. If you need good SEO for even the deepest of pages of your app, that hybrid approach of Nuxt/Next might be better, but then I’m not sure how well that would work together with Ionic.

Hi Gregor,

Thank you so much for the info, really appreciate your input. I did not know about Ionic, but will definitely be checking that out. Seems like a great solution for smaller apps.