While I am selecting unchecked the collation type for Author role and save getting error

@DMehaffy @webbist Please help to resolve this issue

While I am selecting unchecked the collation type for Author role and save getting error

@webbist Please help me on this above issue

Which Strapi version are you using right now? And is it happening for each collections under the Author role or just with the Abd-component in the image?

Hello @Shekhar Ji,

Strapi current version is v4.3.6 and is it happening for each collections type and single type as well, please help me on this

I am not able to reproduce this issue. Have you tried upgrading your Strapi version and checked it?

Please update strapi to the atleast 4.10.8 anyting lower and you would have some major security issues in your project

@Boegie19 @Shekhar
I have updated with your latest stable Starpi version v4.7.0, getting isuue please see below screenshot and help me out how to resolve it

Not sure what went wrong in your screenshot.
I suggest to remove the unique identifier from the schema,json file of resources_cards_resource_categories_links and restart the server.

once I updated with this latest version v4.11.3 getting this I think same

@Shekhar please check above screenshot, please help to resolve this from DB or code level

Something related to the duplicate key issue in DB. Have you tried checking, why there this issue is occurring?
Can’t tell what is the issue here without looking at the DB but something related to the duplication of relation unique key. Please check if thoroughly in the DB.

Thanks resolved

Hello @Shekhar, @Boegie19 @webbist
once I updated Strapi with the latest version v4.11.3 facing this issue

In local everything same CMS version and API structure are same, so able to select Category but not in Prod server, please help me on that in urgent

Production image:

@Marc_Roig_Campos Please check above Strapi CMS issue

@Shekhar Can you check?

@praveeng-lntinfotech Have you uploaded the latest local changes on production server? If yes, then also ensure those fields are not removed from the Content view manager.
Check all of your latest changes are up to date on production server.

Also if you have updated the strapi version on production, delete the package_lock.json file, node_modules folder, build folder from the production server and then run below commands:

  • npm install
  • npm run build
  • npm run develop
    Just to ensure cache is cleared too.

I did the same things over the Prod server, but when I deploying src folder over pord server (only for API structure change).

Some how I am losing my configuration of Category type API see below screenshot:

Note: I have to select manually, this is not right way and even not feasible to select more then 100 API of every deployment, please help me

@Shekhar Thank you so much for response dear, can you help me me again on this issue