Who do I generate or regenerate strapi api token using cli


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Really interested on this one too!

I am actually, deploying strapi in a test environment where it doesn’t have a browser and internet so cant download browser either.

I guess you can just call the create or regenerate services.

const attributes = {
  name: toBeModified,
  description: toBeModified,
  type: toBeModified,
  permissions: toBeModified,
  lifespan: toBeModified,

const apiToken = await strapi.service('admin::api-token').create(attributes);

Can confirm that the above works as expected

Please be sure to set it’s attributes to fit your needs. E.g. type of ‘full-access’, or a set lifespan.

can you give me example code, how can I use strapi object in cli

To use this in the CLI you’ll have to create a file in the root of your project. Let’s call this file ./cli.js

In the file you can programmatically start Strapi, upon which you can query it’s APIs. See this example code:

#!/usr/bin/env node

const fs = require('fs');
const strapi = require('@strapi/strapi'); // eslint-disable-line

const getStrapiApp = async () => {
  process.env.CONFIG_SYNC_CLI = true;

  try {
    const tsUtils = require('@strapi/typescript-utils'); // eslint-disable-line

    const appDir = process.cwd();
    const isTSProject = await tsUtils.isUsingTypeScript(appDir);
    const outDir = await tsUtils.resolveOutDir(appDir);
    const alreadyCompiled = await fs.existsSync(outDir);

    if (isTSProject && !alreadyCompiled) {
      await tsUtils.compile(appDir, {
        watch: false,
        configOptions: { options: { incremental: true } },

    const distDir = isTSProject ? outDir : appDir;

    const app = await strapi({ appDir, distDir }).load();

    return app;
  } catch (e) {
    // Fallback for pre Strapi 4.2.
    const app = await strapi().load();
    return app;

const generateApiToken = async () => {
  const app = await getStrapiApp();

  const attributes = {
    name: 'test',
    description: 'test',
    type: 'read-only',
    lifespan: null,

  const apiToken = await app.service('admin::api-token').create(attributes);



If you now run node cli.js it’ll log a newly generated token

Thank you so much <@344388867446669315>

You’re most welcome