Why content-manager not generating at extensions folder

Hi everyone, I’m trying to override some of the content-manager logic, so I found out, that I need to install the content-manager plugin
I run strapi install content-manager
Then strapi build --clean

But the content-manager still doesn’t show up at the extensions folder :frowning:

Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Btw, I’m doing it do manage content-manager screen state, for example, I need to disable certain fields, if other boolean field is false


content-manager is already installed in your strapi instance. There is no need to install it manually.
It is located under ./node_modules/strapi-plugin-content-manager

To overwrite it’s files, you should manually create a folder under ./plugins/content-manager/*
In that folder you should copy a file from ./node_modules/strapi-plugin-content-manager, now you can modify the file and it will overwrite the original one.

Ah, I get it, thank you so much for a reply :heart: I actually took the plugin structure and put it under extensions folder

I also think that the correct way to do it is to put any file that you want override from the plugin in the extensions folder.

Did it work like that?

Yes, thats the correct way to do it. You should put in extensions only the files that you need, do not copy the entire plugin.

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hello, what do you think is going on when strapi won’t detect the newly created content-manager plugin folder?

but when i change the folder name from ‘/plugins/content-manager’ to something else like “/plugins/content-managers

this happened
[2023-04-14 11:29:54.148] debug: :no_entry: Server wasn’t able to start properly.
[2023-04-14 11:29:54.149] error: Duplicated item key: plugin::content-manager.explorer.create