Why do I need vips-dev?

Im trying to optimize my Dockerfile. I am looking at: Docker | Strapi Documentation

It tells me to RUN apk add --no-cache vips-dev this has something to do with Sharp, yes? (sorry, I am a server noob)

If I do not install this tool, I can still upload images just fine. Why is it needed? It makes my images a large potion bigger in size.

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I think its needed for compiling Sharp from source

It might be needed depending on which OS u run it and whether or not Sharp has readily available binaries for it

so it probably has a downloadable version for alpine, so it doesnt need building, so I dont need vips-dev, right? Is it safe to assume that if it does need compiling and vips-dev is missing it crashes the build? So i could safely remove it, it won’t cause problems when running?

Dont quote me on that, I said it off the top of my head, you should test it and verify