Why I stopped using Strapi

Strapi is a CMS. It’s not really meant to be used as a backend for an SPA or web app.

You will end up with a complicated infrastucture if you go that route instead of using a traditional REST API for a backend.

I mean, possibly not. If you’re dead-set on using the JAMstack for your app then Strapi + React/Vue/Whatever is a good bet.

I have built a couple complex apps with it. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

With Node.js / Express, You can prototype something very quickly.

Thank you for your opinion :slight_smile:

Just wanted to clarify that not all “CMS” are created equal, Strapi is specifically a Headless CMS, so it’s specifically designed as a backend for just about anything (not just JAMStack, but web apps, games, desktop applications, ect).

Here is a rough breakdown of different types of CMS:


Interesting feedback. But I strongly disagree. Just my two cents: Strapi is not “just” a CMS. It’s a valid foundation for all kinds of use cases, which includes serving as a backend for SPA/WebApps.
For me Strapi is so much more than just Node.js and Express. That is comparing apples and oranges.
I am happily using Strapi for several projects as the application back office, including:

  • Data provider for NextJS
  • Newsletter Management (Several pools/sources/lists, authoring and bulk sending w/ scheduling etc.)
  • Custom CRM solution
  • Custom Management and Analytics solution for plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud
  • etc.

For me strapi is not an overcomplicated infrastructure. I can setup a new instance in 15min on Digital Ocean and Mongo Atlas. For example. Then I have a admin backoffice with a clean UI, REST/GraphQL support, data modeling with components, relations and even dynamic zones, and a robust authentication system.
Sure if you don’t need all this then vanilla nodejs+express is a valid choice, too. But I don’t want to miss all the Strapi goodness that increases productivity (and stability) a lot for me…

Sure strapi is still very young and I have a long list of feature requests, but that is another story ;D

Again. This is just my personal opinion. And it should always be: Chose the right tool for the right job!


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