Why is my query breaking for complex relationships

Can anyone help me understand why my query breaks?

When I add %3Adesc to the end of my query to get the newest published articles first my filter no longer works. However, when I get rid of the %3Adesc at the end or even add %3Aasc at the end the filtering works just fine. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?[editorial_types][$eq]=Indus%20Speaks&pagination[page]=1&pagination[pageSize]=12&sort[0]=rank%3Aasc&sort[1]=publishedAt%3Adesc - DOES NOT FILTER BASED ON editorial_types[editorial_types][$eq]=Indus%20Speaks&pagination[page]=1&pagination[pageSize]=12&sort[0]=rank%3Aasc&sort[1]=publishedAt%3Aasc - FILTERS FINE