Why is publicationState not available in connection type queries?

How can I make the “publicationState” filter available also for connection type queries.

Eg productsConnection

Currently, it is only available for the main queries “products”

I would like to be able to use publicationState in connection type queries because they are very powerful. aggregate makes my life easier. :grinning:


Hello @neudysrd

You are right, this was not added into the aggregation option in GraphQL yet, can you please open a feature request on GitHub for it? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Thank you :hugs:

Of Course!

Sorry I realized after you posted this we had a similar request :see_no_evil: but your suggestion is still a good one.

Could you tell me where I can see the similar, I can not find anything similar. Notice you closed the issue for me lol

It was the issue you linked, while functionally it’s a different part of the schema the same logic applies that we need to add that option in for both. I’ve made the backend team aware of it :wink:

Ahhh thats ok. Perfect.

Thank you again though <3