Why need High sort buffer size

We’ve been using strapi for over a year now for pages components, and for the last 6 months we started getting errors while deploying about suggesting to increase the sort buffer size, like why is sort needed and is there a way to fix that? We’re using multi giga bytes of sort buffer size on the database for it to work, and i don’t think nothing needs that much size.
Thank you:)

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Can you show an example of that message as I’ve never seen that

My guess is your queries are absolutely massive


The strapi system we have has 30 components and we use them in like 90+ pages.
That error we got is during the strapi deployment, the deployment github action worked without errors, but changes weren’t applied.
We got the error in the aws logs.
My question here, is there a stable way on your side to fix this? Increasing buffer size isn’t really an optimal/stable solution on our side.
The error is in the sorting by time i guess

What the heck, how many content types do you have? And to be honest I’ve never seen this error before and have no idea on recommendations.

I’ve seen customers with thousands of content types never hit this before