"Woops! Something went wrong. Please, try again." when loading content manager in production

System Information
  • **Strapi Version4.5.5:
  • **Operating SystemWindows 11:
  • Database: PG
  • Node Version: 18.13
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version: 1.22.17


In the development the page loads normally with all the contents.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this error when I try to access my content manger page from production server? Not sure if it’s a bug or I did something wrong while deploying to production.

Here is the console log error message that pops up TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'list')

Hey @c-semaan and welcome to Strapi Community :cake:
Try delete your cache and build folder then di yarn build or npm run build before starting the server.
See if that works

Hi there!
I have same problem. I install fresh strapi copy on production server then create an Blog Post model entry in Content-Manager and after that strapi shows same error “Woops! Something went wrong. Please, try again.”. But in console I have different no sense message: TypeError: Y.replace is not a function
I’ve tried to delete cache and build folders and restart the server, but it doesn’t work still

Really really confused with that strange bug :((

Cleaning cachs and rebuilding the project then deploying fixed the issue for me

You should not run a production server and be able to create models. You want to use start and not develop

Sorry if I incorrect, I’ve created an entry of Blog Post model.

I had an issue when there were existing relation in Table with non existing tables (deleted and I forgot to remove also relations). When I tryed to load data in content manager I had issue reading undefined. After remove relations with non existing tables Content manager for this specific item works.

Hello! The same thing happens to me but I get Woops! Something went wrong. Try again. when I want to add an image to my model that was already pre-established previously and with which I had already uploaded several images. Was anyone able to find a solution?