"Woops! Something went wrong. Please, try again." when loading content manager in production

System Information
  • **Strapi Version4.5.5:
  • **Operating SystemWindows 11:
  • Database: PG
  • Node Version: 18.13
  • NPM Version:
  • Yarn Version: 1.22.17


In the development the page loads normally with all the contents.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this error when I try to access my content manger page from production server? Not sure if it’s a bug or I did something wrong while deploying to production.

Here is the console log error message that pops up TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'list')

Hey @c-semaan and welcome to Strapi Community :cake:
Try delete your cache and build folder then di yarn build or npm run build before starting the server.
See if that works

Hi there!
I have same problem. I install fresh strapi copy on production server then create an Blog Post model entry in Content-Manager and after that strapi shows same error “Woops! Something went wrong. Please, try again.”. But in console I have different no sense message: TypeError: Y.replace is not a function
I’ve tried to delete cache and build folders and restart the server, but it doesn’t work still

Really really confused with that strange bug :((

Cleaning cachs and rebuilding the project then deploying fixed the issue for me

You should not run a production server and be able to create models. You want to use start and not develop

Sorry if I incorrect, I’ve created an entry of Blog Post model.

I had an issue when there were existing relation in Table with non existing tables (deleted and I forgot to remove also relations). When I tryed to load data in content manager I had issue reading undefined. After remove relations with non existing tables Content manager for this specific item works.

Hello! The same thing happens to me but I get Woops! Something went wrong. Try again. when I want to add an image to my model that was already pre-established previously and with which I had already uploaded several images. Was anyone able to find a solution?


waiting for a solution aswell

Got the same javascript error with the list field.
Running the Strapi 4.20.2, so the latest.

I’ve deployed again (same docker image, same build, same version) and then it worked. Then I deployed, it failed, then I deployed, it worked again. Crossing fingers it won’t get worse.