WYSIWYG Tables? Plugins or Recommendations on how to create

Right now the content type for our tables we put into articles is really tough for editors to work with because it users html formatting to create the table, wondering if anyone has had the experience of using or creating a WYSIWYG plugin for tables to be edited like a spreadsheet where each cell is easily edited and formatted?

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How about to use the CK Editor plugin? CKEditor 5 | Strapi Market

At least on their website there is an example of how to work with tables in a simple way.
CKEditor demo website:

It would be better if the official editor supports it

<@206956563414384644> So does CK output HTML to strapi, and the default outputs JSON (blocks)?

I think it saves as HTML. I never used on Strapi.
But, the CKEditor have a lot of plugins that you can save and parse others formats like Markdown.

The HTML might be preferable, having issues integrating the default CKEditor plugin into a typescript project as is

I was taking a look on the Tiptap Editor. Looks modern and extensible.
By the way, it works with JSON approach and have a Strapi Plugin ready.


Are you using TipTap with a typescript project?

From the plugin page…


This project isn't actively maintained, as I want to move away from Strapi. If you are interested in taking over this project, feel free to contact me.

Moving to which CMS?

Is there any tutorial about adding tables to the new Strapi’s WYSIWTG editor?

That was a quote from the project page, you’d have to ask them

Tiptap will likely get ported later, once the Strapi team helps the top-10 plugins migrate to v5 and works through any issues

I don’t think it will be ported, no one is working on that plugin

I think it will be after speaking with the team in another channel. I may be the one to do it

You guys can find nice react table library then we can wrap it to custom filed

People don’t want a custom field for a table, they want to write markdown or wysiwig with tables in it

How would I put that table between two paragraphs, or have multiple tables intermixed with text… if it were a custom field?

you got a point