You are running Node.js 21.7.1

Hi I can’t start a strapi project cuz of this error.
even though I have the correct version as you can see in this output:

C:\Users\chris\Documents\strapi>nvm list

  • 18.17.1 (Currently using 64-bit executable)

C:\Users\chris\Documents\strapi>node --version

C:\Users\chris\Documents\strapi>nvm uninstall 21.7.1
node v21.7.1 is not installed. Type “nvm list” to see what is installed.

I already try, clear cache, nvm use, uninstalling node, reboot my computer but nothing work, I don’t know what do more. Please help !!!

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use npm --version to check the real version of your node

I have this output: npm --version

In the documentation I can have version 6 and above

You’re on node version 21, which is not supported according to that screenshot

hi it’s resolve by using yarn command. I don’t know why npm didn’t worked, i have the right version of node and npm. But thanks