Brazilian Strapi Community

Hello, Strapi team!

What do you think about creating an official community in Brazil or authorizing the creation of one?

Cadê os dev br de Strapi? Quem apoia manda um like aí!



Já criei alguns artigos sobre Strapi


Sure. Up!

Eu até comentei lá no discord, onde vejo que a comunidade é mais ativa, mas não tenho tantas respostas entre os BRs. Eu comprei alguns cursos em inglês, mas gostaria de indicações de outros cursos, se souberem, por favor me envie.

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Just got to your post. Were you thinking of starting one or doing meetups around Strapi.

Hi Paul! The idea would be to bring together Brazilians who know and work with Strapi (or want to know and work with it) and unite people to exchange knowledge through an official Strapi community in Brazil. This would be really cool and important for several reasons. One of these reasons is the fact that most Brazilians (like myself) don’t speak English very well. This would help the Brazilian technology community to learn more about Strapi, and develop in general.

It would be very important to have authorization from the Strapi team because this way we could establish trustworthy communication and establish a two-way street, where we could exchange knowledge about Strapi directly with those who understand, thus centralizing many of the doubts of an entire continental country, such as Brazil. A practical example: It would be much better for a representative of the Brazilian community of Strapi to take doubts and other questions to you at Strapi, rather than hundreds and hundreds of Brazilians, spraying questions around. Furthermore, community learning can prevent problems and doubts from reaching you, through the dynamics of knowledge exchange, ensuring that community problems are also resolved in the community.

I have been a user of the open source version of Strapi for years. And I’m grateful to you for providing me with that option. This makes us stronger as an industry. And by establishing an official Brazilian community, there will most likely be people wanting to contribute commits to the Strapi repository.

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We are in the process in updating this page. GitHub - strapi/strapi-meetups: Learn, share and collaborate with the community at Strapi meetups. Contributions welcome. but you can create an issue wanting to start a meetup as the first step.

I am tagging @hana as well so we can keep this conversation moving.

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Hi @julianojstavares,
That sounds like a fantastic initiative! I love what you said about being able to share knowledge and unite people on local initiatives–that’s definitely something we’d like to support.

As @Paul_Brats mentioned, the process for Community Meetups we have today needs an update. While that happens, we can still hit the ground running. First, to respond to your original question, based on the motivation you describe after, you are authorized to create a brazilian Strapi Community Group.

Were your thinking about physical Meetups, or having a place online where you could exchange on your native language?

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We brazilians don’t say “good idea, let’s do it”, we say

  • Peguei a visão, menor! Bora!

And I think it’s beautifull LOL

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Wow! So am I officially authorized to found a Brazilian Strapi community? And will this community still have official authorization to exist, according to the Strapi board?

Show! The Brazilian community thanks you.

The idea is to do everything online and have at least one of you from the Strapi team with us, so that we don’t do anything that goes outside of your rules.

Even though I don’t speak English, there is certainly a Brazilian in the community who does and could report everything periodically to you, so that you at Strapi could know what is happening in the community in PT-BR.

Now, as for the online channel for this, there are several possibilities. But, we can use what you already use - Discord.

Under the authorization of the Strapi team, we could create a Strapi pt-br server and share its ownership and administration with you.

Also, we can create a YouTube channel to produce videos in PT-BR about Strapi, with tutorials and much more, perhaps even commenting/re-recording the contents of the official Strapi channel in PT-BR.

There are many ideas and possibilities, but we will take it one step at a time, always in contact with you.

I don’t see that it would necessarily be the path of meetups, because as far as I know, meetups are events with a scheduled day/time to deal with a certain topic.

Different from the current proposal, of a Discord server in Strapi’s official pt-br for Brazilians and Portuguese speakers, where people could organically arrive and chat, just like what happens on the official Discord in English.

So, what do you think? Can we continue with the idea?