Content Internationalization

Hello !

I saw the previous post about i8n and I’m a bit worried :
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Right now, we have only one language but we plan to add one more (maybe more in the future) and we use the community version. I have no problem with your business model, but I (We?) need clarity about what will be OS/Community and what will be in the enterprise version.

On the roadmap, this feature is announced end Q1. Is this still true ?
How do we follow this feature ? GitHub, here, Twitter ? This news is pretty important for us, and I want to be up to date as you know how you monetize this.

This said, Thank you for all the work you have done !

Hi @romainquellec I’ve passed this along internally to see if I can get an answer :slight_smile:

Hello guys! Any update on the Internationalization (CE + EE) (v3) - Roadmap | Product Roadmap ? Whether it will be available for CE or not.

Hello ! Something new @DMehaffy ? Thanks.

Public beta later this month (no confirmed date) with the expected “stable” release by the end of the month.


Hello @DMehaffy any updates :slight_smile: