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My team is almost close to choosing Strapi as a CMS platform. I just wanted to clarify a question: The only disadvantage of the community version are the roles? Or can I have some other kind of limitation in the future?

Enterprise features will only ever be targeted at the Admin panel itself, in the very near future we will be releasing an SSO option to the Gold License only for the Admin panel. Currently yes the only limited feature for CE is the RBAC (Admin panel roles).

What is known to currently be up in the air is the internationalization.

So can I create new roles via the REST API?

You can with the end-user roles (from the users-permissions plugin) but not the Admin roles (strapi-admin package)

Will the community version come with a limited content internationalization(2 languages max) or the feature is only available for paid users?

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Can you be more clear about what is limited? Does the Editor role comes with the basic role that it was advertised to have? Announcing Strapi 3.1 - Administrator Roles & Permissions

Basically it was suppose to have the right the edit content from authors. But right now with version 3.4.5, the editor role doesn’t have any right at all in development or production mode. Is this intended or I’m having a configuration issue?

Those limitation makes it difficult to grow your business. There is no problem paying 500$/month, but you got to build enough website to make it worth while, and nowadays doing a site with only 2 language might not be worth it to do the site.

This is still TBD (once we have more information we will release it, as we have only just started building the feature there is still the rest of Q1/Q2 until we release)

You can customize what models and fields the user can access but not what methods they can use.

Say for example you have an article content-type with a few fields:

  • Title
  • Body
  • Publication Date
  • Is Published
  • Author

You can then set say an author role to have access to the title, body, and author fields but not publication date/is published.

You can then grant your editor role access to all the fields (super admin has access to everything always).

What the Advanced RBAC can do is control who has read/create/update rights to the model and to the fields.

Our bronze edition license includes the advanced RBAC features which is $29/month or $348/year

Just as a heads up we are working on the RBAC End-User documentation right now, no release ETA yet but those docs should help clarify what is possible in CE vs EE.

How do I do that exactly?
I cannot figure out how to give an Editor access to modify content.

To answer my own question, you just click on the fields in the GUI.

@DMehaffy Hi, talking about limitations of the community version - is there a limit for how many authenticated users you can keep in the community version? If there is - which tier do I need for a service that requires 30-50 users? I can’t find any information on this on the forum or the official site…

I got an answer:

“In regards to your user needs, you can have as many users as you want on the Community Edition (CE). The caveat is that they have to fall within the three user types given in the CE.”

This will be opened in the near future however as we plan to make RBAC free for everyone.

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