Internationalization for the collection name

I created some content using the “Content-Type Builder”, as an example I created a collection called “Rules” which contains a list of rules. I called this collection “Rules” but I would like to translate the name of this collection into a different locale, so the user speaking a different language than English can see the name of that collection in the other language I’m offering.

The content of the collection translates great, but not the name of the “Collection” itself, is it possible to do that?

Will they have admin panel user accounts?

Collection types’ names are available only in the admin panel, hence, as an standard, it would not be needed to localize the names too, methinks.

Administrator who speaks a different language other than English need it.

They are with the Role Editor, so they can edit the page content and collection list content. When login as an Editor I can switch my language in my profile, the default options will switch language, but not my Collection and Sigle names.

I think it could be a new feature I think.