Is there a QA/QC problem with the Strapi "quick-start" demo project?

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Has anyone run a recent QA check on the Strapi flagship “quick start” demo?

I’m an experienced (Angular & Ionic) developer, evaluating the Strapi CMS for potential use in our company.

I’m running through your “quick start” demo instructions that are supposed to give a good impression on the “first product touch”. I’ve run into very unexpected problems with what should be a slam-dunk demo – in a nutshell, the back-end Strapi site seems to be working, but the front-end Gatsy blog site does not display images.

I’ve created an issue on the public forums over 48 hours ago, but have not seen any responses.

I’ve updated the issue with additional diagnostics and troubleshooting, and I’m sorry to say – I’m stuck. I just wanted a quick run-through of what this product is supposed to do, and the quick start process is not working.

Any sort of guidance (even a “yeah, it builds and runs just fine for us”) would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @dpcunningham , I have just run this from my end everything seems to be working fine.

Hi @dpcunningham I can confirm that I just ran the command and the starter is working as expected on our end. I will investigate the issue you posted here: Problems running through the public quick-start project exercise: Gatsy blog images are not displaying?

Thank you, @localhost_101 – your sanity check is very useful for me to know.

I will continue exploring the problem, because the toolset (Strapi + Gatsby (or whatever)) looks SO damn valuable in terms of rapid SaaS development.

Thanks, @markkaylor – I see you’ve got an idea you posted on the original thread, and I will see if I can run that down per your advice. Will report back with results ASAP.

So – we’ve resolved the problem (in the other linked issue), but I believe there’s a potential follow-up for QA on the code base (the details are in the linked issue). It’s possible that this potential build environment problem (on any given localhost) should be remedied by a code change in the repo to enforce version requirement(s) for eslint.

This quick start project is an awesome demo. I am truly excited by the possibilities of Strapi.

Thanks for the help on this issue, @localhost_101 & @markkaylor!