Looking for Strapi consultant

We would like to get some consultancy hours with a strapi expert.
This might lead to a full project we would like to outsource.

Welcome to the community please read the pinned post :slight_smile:

Enriching with more details.
We are looking for the right strapi + frontend bundle to build a web portal to users creating projects using our company simulation tool. something in the spirit of
Gallery of Things | Tinkercad .
We are looking for a remote expert that can assist us in scoping the project and understand feasibly. We are aiming at first stage to offer several hours of consultancy work. once we scope the project we would like to get a proposal for a contract position to implement our requirements.

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Hi Nir ,
Thanks for sharing the project briefing further…
I am interested assisting you.
Have relevant experience in setup and tweaks on CMS

Let’s connect further


How can i reach you ?

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