My vision of the future of the platform

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I would like to present a clearer vision of what I imagine as a future for Strapi. But before that I would like to introduce myself and talk about how I knew the platform.

My name is Matheus, I’ve been a developer since I was 12 years old. I started programming on account of OpenTibia, initially with Lua until it evolved into C ++, incredible years in great forums. I met Strapi while researching open source solutions, I constantly curate to find the best solutions on the market.

Now being more direct, I would like to keep a list that I could constantly update with structured feedbacks, here we go:

Possibility to edit / customize the Strapi CRUDs interface
As an administrator I would like to customize the ways of viewing the content, currently I am restricted to a listing with pagination and filters, I would like to be able with knowledge in react to modify the rendering of pages in a simple way.

Multiple possibilities for viewing Strapi data
As an administrator, I would like to be able to view the records in various ways such as tables, lists, kanban, timeline, etc., with pagination or “infinite loading”.

Based on ClickUp

Creation of Reports / Customizable Dashboard
As an administrator I would like to have tables that display graphs, values ​​on specific variables, perform arithmetic operations between variables and embed third party content with the possibility to save and organize
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Based on HubSpot, ClickUp

Possibility to Create Workflow
As an administrator, I would like to create a workflow that can move with the data internally on the platform, the possibility to perform regular expressions, JS function, arithmetic operations, or trigger webhooks when specific events happen.

Based on HubSpot, Nodemation (n8n)

I am aware of the roadmap, and I would like to comment on the architecture applied to some items. I’ll leave that for a reply to this post.


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Thank you very much for sharing your vision with us! I would like to know more about how you can relate all your proposals with Content Management use cases. IMO, you are looking for a dashboard building tool such as AirTable, Tableau, or DataStudio more than a CMS. I might be wrong though. I’m looking forward to reading your answer :slight_smile: