Relation selection field is showing IDs instead of names

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 6.35.15 PM
I already did the configuration but nothing changes can anyone help…

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Curious to learn about the solution. I’ve seen this before and I think I will be in this situation soon myself. If I find a solution I will post it here unless someone else did by the time.

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thanks for the reply, if i find the solution i’ll post it too

So i finally found it… we just need to go to the collection where we used the relation field and there we click on configure the view and we edit the relation field…

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i mean the entry title

Glad you found it. :tada:

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I changed the entry title and the problem still persists.

What version of strapi are you using?

The version is 4.5

I am also having the same issue and the solution suggested here is not fixing it. Does anyone know how to make the name show instead of the ID when selecting which items we want to show on the website?

The documented way above only works for the admin

I am an admin… Actually from the drop down menu I can only see ID, createdAT, updatedAT

see screenshot

do you have any other fields? on your conent type?

Yes… lots…

Thanks for the above info! I realised I was slightly misunderstanding the initial answer and thought it might help others if I elaborated on how I solved the issue.
Once you go to the component and click “Configure the view” it is not the first ‘Entry title’ field that you need to edit. Instead, find the particular relation down in the Displayed Fields section, and click the little pencil icon on it. Inside the new modal that pops up, you can then set the Entry title for the particular relation. Hope this helps. The original answer was brilliant and got me to where I am now, but just thought id share incase anyone else was in my position.

just made an account to thank you @rania
super helpful! thanks :grin:

I am on 4.14.0. For a relation I set up inside a component, there is no option for Entry Title. How can I change the display field for these relations?

are you on a super admin account? if not do you have access to the other side of the relationship?

Yes I am on superuser account, as this is local env.

try upgrading to 4.14.3 and then rebuilding the admin
also try deleting your lock file and reinstall strapi

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