The autoReload feature is required to use this plugin. Start your server with `strapi develop`

I have hosted my strapi/node on digital ocean but i am not able to add content.

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When hosting it it’s set to production mode which disables adding content. You want to run it in developer mode to be able to add content :slight_smile:

how to do that?, i tried strapi develop it says strapi not found

Well you want to run development mode locally and not on a hosted environment :slight_smile:
like yarn develop or npm run develop etc to run the local development server.

Not sure how you deployed it etc.

I deployed it as app on digital ocean, and npm run develop is already used

How did you deploy it if I can ask ? :slight_smile:

  1. env/production/database.js
  2. Created app on digital ocean
    3, Linked github repo
    4, added database url
    5, created database
    6, deployed the app

So there your saying use production as well.
You woild need to deploy it as production again.
Or run it locally on your own machine create what you need then push it.

how to run it in development on local host?

All covered in the documentation.

It seems like a lot of the development interface is also deployed in production. Any way to remove that? I see no need to have the menu item for the content type builder, when it can only be used in a dev env.

You will have to customize the UI etc on your own to do that.
If you are running in production it will still prevent it from working.

Possible be able to edit or override the plugin and the menu to check if it’s production and not if it’s not don’t render the link. But never tried it.

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Can we enable autoReload feature in production env?

No, then you don’t want to run it in production you want to run it in development.

My strapi instance crashes after some time duration with the following error:
Warning: An error occurred while requesting the API

Following this, I have no other option but to reload the admin panel, and the admin panel loads but with the message:
Auto reload feature is required to use this plugin.

I’m running the develop script only, yet it gives me that prompt. Could you please help me in figuring out what am I missing here?

Check your console In the browser for errors.

You are running it possible with start and not develop or you are maybe having NODE_ENV=production and not development

Hi all i am also facing same autoReload feature is required to use this plugin start your server with strapi develop. On production side we are using Strapi v3.5.2 and On staging side we are using Strapi v3.6.8. On our Production we are able to add and configure the fields but on staging it saying autoReload is required to use this plugin start your server with strapi develop. so how should i fix this

So if you are suing development in production this is then wrong.
yarn develop is to be used locally, then change/create locally the schema changes you want. Aka the collections etc.
Then push to production.
Production server should run yarn start this disables the use of content-builder. Hence why you see the message of autoReload
Also Strapi V3 is EOL btw. but same applies for V4

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Can I use yarn build on prod server? I’m on Railway app

You should run yarn build before you deploy or during deployment to build the latest admin panel so yes.