User Research: Share how you use plugins in Strapi

Hi everyone :wave:
I’m Raff, Product Designer at Strapi.
I’d love to learn more about how you use plugins in Strapi (or why you don’t).
Would you be interested to share your feedback in a 15-20 min chat?
Thank you in advance for your help making Strapi even better :slight_smile:

Would be helpful if the discussion was public and not private, so that the whole community can benefit :slight_smile:

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Hi TasosBak,
You mean sharing the interview publicly?
If so, that’s a great idea.
I could ask interviewees if they are ok with it and share it afterwards :slight_smile:

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Whatever is ok with everybody of course! It just seems like a great initiative with substantial potential for learning!

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It is also necessary need Field API improvments

I’m need conditional fields.

Conditional fields depend on the content of other fields.

Example: Let’s say you sell T-shirts and smartphones

Each product has its own set of attributes, which depends on the specific product.

In a separate collection, I must describe the allowed set of attributes for the product.

For example, a t-shirt will have attributes: size, color
Smartphone - memory capacity, screen size

Some attributes should only be selected from the available list of values ​​- for example, color (red, blue)

I tried to do my own addition on the field api - but this api only allows visualization of an existing field type and does not allow you to add your own types.

I’m want possibility to include some business logic during user fill collection in admin panel.
For example I’m select from list - t-shirt
Next user can fill (select) only color and size attributes (but not screen size)

Hi Raff, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to share my first plugin steps with you.

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Give this is just on relations (but it could also be applied to regular fields) we do have an open feature request for this @Gayrat

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Thank you!

How you solve this problem now ?
I’m plan to write plugin with custom form - and control inputs inside my plugin.

Hi, Raff
When I was learning to write plugins,
I faced a number of difficulties

  1. Very few plugins examples with description (I’m know only one example - import-content-plugin-tutorial + text tutorial
    community-content/tutorials/code/import-content-plugin-tutorial at master · strapi/community-content · GitHub

  2. Some parts, using in example not documented, for example:
    Documentation for `strapi-helper-plugin`

  3. This part of documention I can’t understand from first time:
    Local plugins

I did not understand how to form the plugins menu in admin at the first time - I need a picture of what happens and a link to git with an example